We proceed in close stages, arriving at the finish line of this tour-de-force which provided, in the space of a handful of days, for SIECO a recovery and three championship days. Out of three games, nine points arrived in recovery against Marcianise and then against Tuscania at home and the last one on Wednesday against Sabaudia away. And if the matches against Marcianise and Sabaudia could have been a foregone conclusion on paper, Sieco now finds itself having to face the Stamplast M2G Green Bari Group, a team that was doing well, indeed very well in this championship, before running into a series of consecutive defeats in the last three days. Pugliesi who will arrive at the Ortonese sports hall with an already burning desire for redemption but made even more attractive by being in the presence of a second in the class who is instead significantly improving his quality of play. Scoring points in Ortona would be a really great breath of fresh air for the rankings and for the morale of the Bari team.