Sir Safety celebrating life

The time has come to celebrate the victory of the Italian Cup on Friday 1 July, and the 20 years of Sir Volley on Thursday 14 July, both at the “Relais Poggio del Sole” of friends Paolo and Deborah. Two occasions to be together, smile, toast and have fun while waiting for the next season. Many surprises will brighten the evenings. Reservations and info by the Sirmaniaci

The Relais “Poggio del Sole” will always be the party theater of the summer initiatives of Sir Safety Conad Perugia
Summer time of celebration and also this year the company of President Sirci organizes two events, in the splendid location of friends Paolo and Deborah, to experience all together, Club, sponsors, Sirmaniaci and Juventus fans, two evenings of joy and fun.
It begins on Friday 1 July to celebrate the victory of the Italian Cup of last season properly (a pleasant and consolidated corporate habit with the trophy that will obviously be a very welcome guest at the dinner), it continues on Thursday 14 July to toast an anniversary under the stars important, the twenty years of Sir Volley.
Two occasions designed especially for the pleasure and pleasure of being together, of laughing, of recreating that beautiful atmosphere of the PalaBarton. And obviously also to meet under the vaults of the Pian di Massiano plant for next season.
The pleasures of the table and the exclusivity of the location will be the masters in two evenings which, as befits, will be enlivened by many surprises, by guests and by good music.
The Sirmaniaci will directly take care of the organization with regard to reservations and info on the two evenings (fee per person € 7.50), it will be the Sir who will manage the various initiatives of the events, it will be the Relais “Poggio del Solè” to guarantee the perfect setting to the whole.
“Do not celebrate the passing of time, but pass the time celebrating”. So what a party it is!