Starting the season at Conad Le Querce

Friday 5 August Volley Tricolore guest at Conad Le Querce in Reggio Emilia for the welcome drink for the new young players who will wear the Giallorossi.

The collaboration between Conad and Volley Tricolore has been renewed, starting as every year from the welcome toast that precedes the retreat at Felina, which will be held from 5 to 12 August, where the athletes were leaving right after they met.

The coaches were also present, where head coach Luca Cantagalli is enthusiastic about starting “The team is well equipped this year, we are very happy to leave. As has already been pointed out many times, last year’s feat will be difficult to repeat, but we do not set ourselves limits. The championship is of a high level, it is difficult to know the fate of the season right now, but hopefully in a season full of objectives and positivity, which for us begins today as we are heading towards Felina, with an important athletic preparation and which we hope you bring us as well as last year “.

The microphone then goes to Loris Migliari, general manager “After the much discussed issue of the building, there was a need to open a new cycle. Conad Reggio Emilia starts from a new very interesting squad based on young people. It was a well-liked choice, we have chosen to invest in young people who are the future.

Last year we witnessed a positive season that cannot be forgotten, but for this year we do not set limits. Our goals? Always do well, as always we try and we would like to reach the playoffs.

Pending the start of the championship, we invite the fans to come in large numbers to witness a season where they will have fun. It is a team that will make Reggio Emilia passionate and fall in love with it, as it needs to see a beautiful volleyball that it has become accustomed to in recent years. We hope to be able to carry on this volleyball at Pala Bigi, and we thank the commitment of the municipal administration that is committed to getting us back to the house in Via Guasco. “