Tuscania in Athletic training

With the start of athletic training, scheduled for Thursday morning at 9 am at the Palazzetto dell’Olivo, the new competitive season officially starts, which will see Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania limestone for the ninth consecutive year the fields of the Credem Banca series. A season that sees once again the formation of president Angelo Pieri credited as the protagonist of the top part of the standings, certainly fighting, given the top-level roster set up, until the end for the passage to the higher series.
To assist the two coaches, Sandro Passaro and Francesco Barbanti, there will also this year Victor Perez Moreno, coach of the men’s youth sector, and Valerio Sforzini, coach of the women’s one.
“About my collaboration with Passaro and with the A3 series I must say first of all that Sandro is a friend and a great person – declares Perez Moreno. This year I have learned to know him and I can say that every day he gives his best for society, both for the first team and that for the youth sector (we compare a lot). He is a great perfectionist and above all a great professional “.
“First of all I would like to thank the club for the trust it has given me in these two years and for giving me the opportunity to be close to coach Sandro Passaro during the preparation of the first team – is the comment of Valerio Sforzini. this opportunity to learn and perfect as many things as possible. As for the women’s sector, we face the new sporting season aware of having achieved excellent results in the past one: from there our work will start again. We have a miny volley with many girls who do not see the ‘time to start again, one under 13 and one under 14 very strong and, especially with the under 14, we will have as a minimum objective the access to the regional stages “.