Vero Volley at “Change the Game”

Sunday 18 September 2022 the Martesana Park will be the location for “Stop Abuse”, the social campaign for the fight against abuses in sport: dozens of kids who play baseball, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, softball, integrated football, wheel sports and climbing will be the protagonists of the spot that will be produced by Claudio Casazza and Insolito Cinema on behalf of the Cavallo Rosa association – Change the Game (to find out more:

The images of sport will not speak of competitive spirit but will convey the idea of ​​non-competitive sport where friendship, commonality and passion prevail. Sport as a game and being together not bound to the result alone.

The athletes come from teams belonging to the Italian Rugby Federation, the Italian Roller Sports Federation, the Italian Football Federation, the Italian Softball and Baseball Federation, the Sports Climbing Federation and the Vero Volley Consortium, always at the forefront in contrasting and preventing abuse in sport. The companies involved are many and you can be proud to have a representation of integrated football with the membership of Insuperabili, an extraordinary Italian reality that has 17 offices and 650 players with disabilities. A collective commitment that testifies to the common will to protect boys and girls in sport from all forms of violence and abuse.

The promoters of the project underline: “A special thanks to the Cameroni Sports Center for assistance and the fields and to David Vezzoni, animator of the No League project. Without Alessandra Marzari, president of the Vero Volley Consortium, moreover, it would not have been possible to organize and implement this project. And the gratitude and gratitude of Change The Game and all the support group goes to her. Thanks also to the volunteers, parents, carers and technicians and of course to the boys and girls who joined with joy and enthusiasm “.