Vincenzo Tagliente brand new team’s doctor

Dr. Vincenzo Tagliente will sit on the bench in the next season 2022-23 as the team doctor of the Ionian team.

Vincenzo Tagliente is a physiatrist at the San Raffaele Foundation, at the Highly Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital of the AUSL BR / 1 in Ceglie Messapica (Br) where he deals with patients with mainly neurological but also orthopedic pathologies.
He is a Physiatrist Consultant at O.S.M.A.I.R.M. (Southern Health Organization Assistance for Disabled Minors Recovery) based in Laterza, also the workplace of the physiotherapist of Prisma Maruzzella and the assistant physiotherapist Moramarco; the doctor is also the Medical Director of the “Raggio di Sole” Private Rehabilitation Center located in Martina Franca.
Tagliente’s passion for sport can be perceived from the fact that he has always worked hard in different sports contexts, in fact he was a Sports Doctor from 2003 to 2012 for the glorious G.S. Basket Massafra, accompanying it to the victory of the Serie C2, C1, B and A Amateur Championships.

He has also been President of ASD Volleyball Massafra for some time, a company that will open a collaboration table with Prisma itself.

“I played volleyball at a competitive level until just before Covid, so I know the dynamics of this sport well. My work consists in providing the athlete with 360 ° assistance, supporting him in the work of physical preparation and from the point of view of muscle kinetics. Obviously it is hoped that the doctor will never have to intervene! ” specifies dr. Sharp. “Being a physiatrist, I deal specifically with the rehabilitation of the athlete in the event of an injury, treating it on a pharmacological, instrumental level and precisely in the recovery of the sporting gesture. My work with the team will be a team work in close contact with Dr. Tombolini, with the other medical figures of reference and with physiotherapists: as in sport, teamwork in synergy makes the difference in the medical field as well. The understanding with the coach is fundamental; when playing, sometimes a glance with the Coach is enough to understand where and how to intervene and, in case an athlete needs to recover or return to the field, every effort is made to make this possible in the shortest possible time. therefore a great pleasure for me to compare myself with Mister Di Pinto and his technical staff. “