XVI AMIV National Congress in Ferrara

The XVI AMIV National Congress will be held on 11 June 2022 at the University of Ferrara. The Italian Medici Volleyball Association proposes its sixteenth National Congress to investigate issues relating to the management of health in the world of volleyball: the one 2021/22 will have as its founding argument “The conservative treatment of tendinopathies and the responsibilities of the health staff in times of pandemic”.

The aftermath and possible consequences of the covid era on athletes have certainly not gone unnoticed: “Two years of limitations and alteration of the normal course of competitions and training due to the pandemic, the fluctuating rhythms of training and overloads required to compensate for any recoveries of suspended matches due to clusters of positivity in individual teams, have led to an increase in myotendon and osteo-tendon pathologies in sport in general. The functional recovery of both symptomatic and asymptomatic post Covid-19 athletes certainly did not help from a physiological and performance point of view. Furthermore, the many rules and regulations inserted during the championships by the Ministry of Health and consequently by the various Sports Federations of competence for the resumption of the activity of athletes positive for Covid-19 infection, have determined a new administrative overload and new medico-legal responsibilities on the part of insufficiently trained health staff. Therefore, the Congress in the first session was specifically designed to make an analysis of the practical problems that arose during the past national championships in order to better deal with similar situations of subsequent commitments and inform the medical doctors and all members of the health staff of the correct modus operandi . In the following sessions we wanted to analyze the tendinopathies of the most sportingly engaged joint districts, from imaging to ‘return to play’, trying to shape the reports on preventive and conservative treatment rather than surgical with hints on ultrasound-guided infiltrative methods of non-steroidal peritendinous ” .

For the staff of Serie A clubs, participation in the Congress is free, subject to compulsory registration (in the payment line you must enter Amiv Legavolley Member). The Congress is open to doctors and physiotherapists with 5 ECMs, and also to trainers and coaches with a certificate valid for the curriculum (for these last two categories there is no obligation of ministerial ECM).