A loss versus Bologna

1st SET

Mancin’s goal makes it 5-3, then Mitkov passes the local wall. The same opposite is stopped by Lugli and coach Di Pietro calls the time, 9-5.

The ace Lugli is worth 15-9, then Bologna continues to grind with Vinti, 19-11. At 22-15 Mitkov comes out for Beghelli. Gonzato tries, but closes a serve at the Berico net, 25-18.

2nd SET

Bologna starts strong even in this half: 4-0 with Vinti’s attack. Ballan increases and Guerrini signs an ace, 10-5. The locals travel at double speed and at 14-7 there is again the Beghelli change for Mitkov. The Castellani try not to get away (19-13), but the numerous errors in the serve make the Bolognese fly to 21-14. Di Franco puts up a good attack, but the locals grind one point after another and reach 25-18 after the first set point canceled by Beghelli.

3rd SET

Start in photocopy with the home team that immediately takes the lead, 6-3. Vinti makes good and bad weather (7-4 with a diagonal), coach Di Pietro stops the game at 12-7. Franchetti signs on 16-9 and Frizzarin finds strength on 20-11. Grottoli and Govoni wall up the Berici attacks (23-12), Donati closes, 25-14.