We could say that some loves don’t end, they make immense rounds and then they come back, but the truth is that some loves never really go away.
And so, at the end of an exciting market comes the great return: Alberto Saibene is once again a lion.
Number 2 is still from the “Puma” to remind us of successes and times of glory.

2 promotions, 1 win in the regular season, Playoff quarterfinals in A2 and Coppa Italia quarterfinals in A2… this year, still a competitive team, what are your feelings?

“The sensations are very positive, certainly on a technical level the team that the company has built is competitive and well covered in all roles. However, I believe that the real “hit” was made from a human point of view, the decision to bring many players from the last promotion back to Motta by uniting them with other well-known faces could be an extra weapon for the season we are about to face”.

After a year away, can we say you’re coming home? What prompted you to sign for HRK?

“After a season below expectations with Belluno (to which all my thanks go again) in which unfortunately we were unable to hit the PlayOffs by just one point, I felt the need to return to a familiar environment surrounded by friends, more what friends and fans. So yes, you can say it loud, I’m going home ”.

This will be your fifth season in the green-and-white shirt. What does this club represent for you?

“Already in my first year with Motta’s shirt, I talked about how special this club and these fans were. As far as I’m concerned, I immediately felt a strong sense of belonging and the goals achieved in the past years have fueled this feeling. I am strongly attached to this shirt and to these people who have given me unforgettable moments”.

What can you say to those who will wear this shirt for the first time?

“I hope they can grow and have fun doing it, but above all I hope they can appreciate the Motta environment”.

There were so many who dreamed of your return, so it is inevitable to ask the whole audience to say hello…

“I can’t wait to see the Palagrassato packed, because we’re all pumped up and I’m sure you will be too. So what are you waiting for, come and make a mess and support us as only you can. Come on Lions!”

…Welcome home Puma