Another test match for Emma Villas

Allenamento congiounto, Sir Susa Vim Perugia, Emma Villas Siena presso PalaBarton Perugia IT, 27 settembre 2023. [ID: 20230927/_MB59447] Foto: Michele Benda

Another test match for Emma Villas Siena, who returned to play yesterday afternoon at the PalaBarton against Perugia. And against Sir, still reorganized because the Umbrian team is still missing eight athletes who were involved in the European Championships, while the Brazilian opposite Matheus Krauchuk did not take the field in the Tuscan team, the match ended at 3-1. The various Ben Tara, Held and Solè led the Sir attack in a match that was nevertheless balanced.

Coach Gianluca Graziosi’s team showed other positive things about the Taraflex, as had already happened in the other test matches played during this pre-season. The activity of the biancoblu team is intense, having already played friendlies against Santa Croce, Ravenna, Perugia, then winning the Città di Tortoreto tournament, beating Fano in the semi-final and Prata di Pordenone in the final and finally returning to play again in Perugia.

Thus at the end of the match at the PalaBarton, Emma Villas Siena centre-back Riccardo Copelli commented: “This test match didn’t go badly, perhaps we need to improve our approach to the matches a little but I must say that on our part we saw some nice things too. We are still in a preparation phase, the brilliance is yet to come but I am convinced that we will be ready for the start of the championship. Friendlies, as we know, count for the right amount. Winning certainly boosts morale but this isn’t the championship yet and therefore there are no points up for grabs for the standings.”

“The most important thing – Riccardo Copelli continued in his analysis – is to find certain types of automatisms. Now we’ve all been working together for about a month and we’ve managed to show some good things. We are certainly a good group, we are working hard and well. We certainly can and must grow further. A Serie A2 championship awaits us which I believe will be quite balanced. In my opinion we have to work and grow in the break phase, then the ball change comes accordingly. However, I think we are at a good point in the work.”