Approaching CEV Cup Eighth Finals Game 2

Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza is once again a protagonist in the European field: tomorrow, Wednesday 25 January, at 20.30 PalabancaSport will turn the spotlights on the return match of the Play Offs of the Cev Volleyball Cup. The Romanian team of C.S. Arcada Galati, match referees Alexandros Avramidis (Greece) and Atanas Varbanov (Bulgaria).

To qualify for the Quarter Finals, the next round of the event, it will be enough for the red and white to win two sets given that they won 3-0 in the first leg, fifteen days ago in Romania. In the event of a 3-0 or 3-1 victory for Galati’s team, the 15-point Golden Set will be played to decide who will access the Quarter Finals.

The red and white team, after the defeat suffered in Monza last Saturday on the fifth return day of the championship, returned to the gym yesterday with a double session of work, then this afternoon technical work and tomorrow finishing. Tomorrow’s match for the red and white club is the sixth match in Europe in its short history.

The Cev Volleyball Cup is the second most important annual European competition for clubs, 39 participating teams qualified from their respective championships according to the CEV European Cups ranking of their respective national federations and the event has reached the round of 16. The tournament was launched in 1972 under the name of the Cup Winners’ Cup. In 2000 it was transformed into the Top Teams Cup before getting its current name CEV Cup in 2007.

The company of the president Elisabetta Curti, in its first participation in a European competition, in the round of 32 got the better of Prague by winning both games (3-0 and 1-3) and in the round of 16 it always defeated in both games for Fenerbahce Istanbul 3-1 while the Romanian team got the better of the Bulgarian team of Neftohimik Burgas in the round of 32 and the Finnish team of Savo Volley Kuopio in the round of 16 with a double 3-1.