It is what can now be considered a classic of Triveneto volleyball. Tinet Prata and Delta Volley Porto Viro have now been battling sportingly for over fifteen years on the volleyball courts and have always done so in high-level challenges. Starting from the times of Serie B, when the race was essentially valid for promotion to Serie A, up to the recent years of Serie A3 and Serie A2. In the top championships the precedents are decidedly unbalanced in favor of the black and fuchsia Polesine who achieved 5 successes out of 6 matches played. This is why the last round of the first round of the Serie A2 Credem Banca is truly interesting.
The only yellow-blue victory dates back to last year’s debut match at PalaPrata. Now, however, Tinet wants to continue pursuing prestigious objectives and enters this Boxing Day match with the advantage in the standings: 26 points for Boninfante’s team against 17 for Morato’s team which is fresh from three knockouts in a row, the last of which by 1-3 with Siena. Despite this, the Rodigini are a fearsome team who, for example, were able to beat Ravenna away from home. The keys to the game are entrusted to the very expert forty-three-year-old Argentine director Garnica, who has as his point of reference the eighteen-year-old opposing player with 2.12 Tommaso Barotto, ninth among the top scorers in the championship. Substance at the center with the interchangeable trio Zamagni-Sperandio-Barone, with the former protagonist together with Simone Scopelliti of the winning ride in Reggio Emilia a couple of seasons ago. Even in place 4 there is quality with the pair formed by Nicola Tiozzo from Chioggia and one of the most reliable interpreters of the role in the championship, Felice Sette. Also ready to lend a helping hand is the Brazilian Pedro Henrique. The libero is Davide Morgese, already faced last year but wearing the Santa Croce shirt.
After the achievement of 1800 points and 1500 points in Serie A respectively by Jernej Terpin and Manuele Lucconi and 100 aces and 400 blocks for Simone Scopelliti, the closest individual objectives are 2100 points for Alberto Baldazzi, only a couple of lengths.