Emma Villas Aubay at work

Emma Villas Aubay Siena at work, and it is the most important week in the white and blue house in view of the last day of the regular season. The Sienese will be busy on Sunday in Monza, the match starts at 6 pm. The Tuscan team absolutely needs to score points to try to leave the last position in the standings. To do this, the Sienese will have to recover the point of disadvantage against Gioiella Prisma Taranto. Siena has 15 points in the standings, the Apulians have one more, 16. The two teams have the same number of wins so far (5 each).

Monza, Siena’s opponents, is seventh in the standings with 30 points, with 10 wins and 11 defeats so far. Vero Volley has just conquered the PalaPanini in Modena by winning in a tiebreak with 27 points from Maar and 24 from Grozer. The Monzesi can try to undermine Piacenza in the standings (which has 31 points) but they must defend their position from Milan.

Emma Villas Aubay will be busy in Monza, at the same time Taranto will play at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. At the moment the schedule foresees the advance between Verona and Cisterna on Saturday, with the Lazio players contending for eighth position in the standings in Milan.

Perugia – Civitanova Marche (live on RaiSport), Trento – Modena, Piacenza – Padua will be played on Sunday at 18.00.

On Sunday at PalaEstra WithU Verona showed all her best qualities on the taraflex, managing to seize the victory by three sets to zero. “I have analyzed our entire journey, since the beginning of the championship – said the President of Emma Villas Aubay Siena, Giammarco Bisogno on Sunday, at the end of the race. – Unfortunately we pay for a disastrous first round, in which we lost the direct clashes. Then we also achieved some unexpected victories, which allowed us to re-emerge but at the same time we lost some important trains. Losing against Lube and against Verona can be there, in these games it was clear that the level is higher than ours at the moment”.