Gabriele Tognoni with Sieco

Gabriele Tognoni Ortona

The 23/24 edition Sieco Service Impavida Ortona control unit package continues to take shape. Comes from Sabaudia (Serie A3), Class 2000, with his 203 centimeters tall Gabriele Tognoni.

Born in Alessandria, Gabriele Tognoni took his first steps in the world of volleyball with the youth sector of nearby Occimiano but it is with Alessandria VBC that he enters the Serie C fields.

Time zero and Gabriele enters the regional selection of Piedmont where he meets, among others, also the fearless free Alberto Benedicenti. It was during a regional trophy that he was noticed by Modena. Despite his young age, the centre-back moved to Emilia-Romagna to train in the prestigious Modena school and at the age of sixteen he also played in the Serie D championship (2016/2017 season). The abilities of the Piedmontese central player are so evident that Gabriele starts a very personal “climbing” of categories. Season after season, always with the Modena shirt, he first competes in a championship C (2017/2018) and then makes his debut in a national championship, which is that of Serie B (2018/2019).

To go up one step further, Tognoni will have to change his shirt. The opportunity to play Serie A3 (2019/2020) is offered by Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania and Gabriele will certainly not let it slip away.

New Year New Life. In the 2020/2021 season, Tognoni’s fate intersects with that of Pallavolo Sabaudia and in the Lazio town, the central player will remain for three seasons, crossing Sieco twice in the last championship.

And it is Sieco who wants the next Serie A2. But if it is a return for the Ortona sextet, for Tognoni it will be the first time in the second national series.

«I am really very happy to start this new adventure. The first contact arrived on my birthday (May 25th NDR) and I can say that it was a splendid gift. Asking around, I had nothing but good words about the company and the town. As for the arena, however, I had the opportunity to touch hands as an opponent, but I can’t wait to be able to repeat the experience as an ally”.