In the last home game, Volley Marcianise won 3-2 over Roma. A success that doesn’t change the standings or mitigate the bitterness for relegation, but highlights the fighting spirit of the group led by coach Nacci. At the end of the match, the president Dino Sgueglia summed up the season, also projecting himself to the next one: “First of all I want to thank the Municipality of Sparanise in the person of the former Mayor Martiello who has wonderfully hosted us, always making us feel at home. To all the guys who supported us, all those who gave us a hand, the fans and friends of Marcianise who followed their country’s team every Sunday, my thanks go on behalf of the entire Volley Marcianise. For the rest it was a complicated season in which many mistakes were made for which I fully take responsibility and in view of the future we have to sit down at the table to adequately reschedule 2023-2024. Our intention is to start again from A3 through a repechage or a possible acquisition of a title, but in any case we would like to start again from coach Nacci who has shown that he is truly a great professional. Whether it’s Serie A or B, the hope is that the future mayor of Marcianise will finally allow us to play in our area because we’ve been missing just that in these two years. We want to prioritize the youth academy which means looking for local kids who can be future first team athletes. We strongly believe in this project and will invest a lot in the green line and in the technical staff”. The last Sunday of the season in Sorrento and the president has no doubts: “The success at the tie break against Roma highlighted our desire to always fight even if unfortunately we have nothing more to ask for this season. But unlike others, we will honor the championship in the best possible way and I am sure that we will play a good race to end our year in the best possible way”.