It will be Matteo Pastore born in 1972 from Bari, the new “man of numbers” of the rossoblù team.

A professional with vast experience in the sector, just think of his long curriculum as a scout who began in Bari in 2000 and then ranged throughout Puglia passing from Gioia del Colle (where he also played the role of second coach) up to Castellana Grotte where he spent the last 13 years starting from the top of A1, also winning a historic Italian Cup of A2.

Matteo Pastore has already shared professional experiences with both coach Mastrangelo and with the second coach Andriani, and having already coached in turn, his contribution will be a great added value to the team.

“The call from General Manager Vito Primavera to join President Bongiovanni’s team – declares Matteo Pastore – I believe is the result of the good work done over the many years together in Castellana, where I spent most of my volleyball career. I agreed to return to the Superlega, and precisely choosing Taranto after 10 years (A1 at the time) to savor the climate of one of the most beautiful championships in the world, and at the same time to study it by comparing myself with two level professionals such as Vincenzo Mastrangelo and Antonello Andrians.

I am very motivated and enthusiastic about this new adventure and I hope to be able to contribute to new goals and satisfactions for Gioiella Prisma Taranto Volley”

The statements of the President Elisabetta Zelatore: “The identification of Matteo Pastore completes the project of a technical team entirely from Puglia but an expression of professional excellence at national and international level. We are certain that Mirko Corsano, Vincenzo Mastangelo, Antonello Andriani, Matteo Pastore and Pascal Sabato will be able to best represent our territory in the great Italian SuperLega volleyball.