Game 2 Play-off Promotion A3 Credem Banca

Sieco Service Ortona – Vigilar Fano 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-17) – Sieco Service Ortona: Ferrato 3, Bertoli 10, Fabi 8, Cunha 13, Marshall 15, Arienti 6, Vindice (L), Blessings (L). NEITHER. Palmigiani, Tom Thumb, Di Tullio, Bulfon, Iorno, Ceccoli. All. Throws. Vigilar Fano: Zonta 2, Roberti 6, Patriarca 8, Marks 19, Ferri 1, Maletto 3, Gozzo 4, Raffa (L), Partenio 0, Gori 0, Ferraro 0, Girolimetti 0. N.E. Carburi, Galdenzi. All. Castellano. REFEREES: Old man, Grassia. NOTES – set duration: 32′, 31′, 26′; total: 89′.

Sieco Service Ortona celebrates its promotion to Serie A2 Credem Banca. After the success in five sets obtained in Game 1 on Sunday on the Vigilar Fano field, the Abruzzo club won in three sets in Game 2 of the Promozione play-off, a direct clash with Serie A2 up for grabs among the first of the Girone Bianco (Fano) and the Girone Blu (Ortona), and closes the series in two races. The formation coached by Lanci thus returns to the second national category after a year’s absence, while Vigilar Fano will have another chance to make the leap in category: the Marches will enter the A3 Play Offs directly from the Semifinals, where they will find the Leo Shoes Casarano.