Post game for Reggio

Third consecutive loss for Luca Cantagalli’s team, they lose in the fifth set against Videx Yuasa Grottazzolina earning only one point in the standings.

The first two sets had started in clear favor of the hosts, but at the end of the second set, captain Elia’s team mates reacted positively, gaining the motivation to win the third and fourth sets: “Today was a strange performance, – declares coach Cantagalli at the end of the match – but there were attitudes to save, because down 2 to 0 it’s not easy to reverse the situation and take them to the tie-break. The regret is that we had two break points to be able to finish, but we didn’t take advantage of them and that’s something to think about”.

Grottazzolina also wins the second match of the regular season against Reggio Emilia and flies to 24 points, while Conad advances to 21, above only Lagonegro by two measures and this implies the possibility of playing the play outs, unless the Reggio players end of the championship, are unable to have at least three points ahead of the thirteenth classified, which in that case would be directly relegated: “Right now we are missing a point. – continues the yellow and red head coach – From a morale point of view I’m very sorry, because it was a game that could have given us so much. The team reacted, they knew how to fight, they even knew how to take the lead with great effort, with great pride, even if it wasn’t enough, but it’s definitely an attitude to treasure. We have to learn to approach matches aggressively right from the start, so that we don’t find ourselves always having to chase after the others”.

As after every defeat there is always a bitter taste in the mouth, Fabio Fanuli, second coach, finds it due to how the defeat has matured: “I think that the way the boys are expressing themselves during the week, for the commitment they are putting in, to try to get out of this difficult situation, we have to look at the positive side, that is, from down 2 to 0 we managed, ball for ball, to earn the tie-break and the possibility of closing the match. Sport is like this, we accept it and we will continue to work on what we are missing, because it is the only way we know to get out of this situation”.

The next match will be played on Sunday 29 at the PalaBigi in Reggio Emilia, where Conad will host the Delta Group Porto Viro at 18:00.