New arrival at Gioiella Prisma Taranto. Giacomo Raffaelli, born in 1995, from Grosseto, will enter the battery of the spikers of the Gioiella Prisma Taranto 2023-24.

194 cm and with an imposing physique, Raffaelli is the fourth name identified by the president Bongiovanni and his management, which joins those of Lanza, Ekstrand, Gutierrez in the hammer department available to coach Mastrangelo.

Volleyball born in the ranks of Club Italia, he first played in Emma Villas Aubay Siena, then he gained experience treading the SuperLega field with Ravenna and Cisterna, experimented with a foreign championship like the French one, continuing however to wear the blue shirt with which he had conquered the bronze with Michele Totire’s Under 23 team.

Raffaelli won a Challenge Cup in 2018 and a gold medal at the 2019 Universiade. He was among the protagonists of excellent plays with Emma Villas Aubay Siena in the team’s comeback period in the second round of the Superlega championship that has just ended.

He is a player of experience and balance, with poisonous and effective shots, used to being ready in hot moments and changing the tide of a game: versatile and with the most varied shot solutions, he has a great “eye” for the opponent and knows find weaknesses and solve difficulties.

“The fact of knowing the club well as an opponent and having played against it for several seasons convinced me to accept this adventure in Taranto – declares Giacomo Raffaelli – everyone spoke well of this square to me. I asked friends and comrades how the environment was, receiving only positive feedback: I’m really curious to visit the city and start the season. I already know some players, including Alletti, and the new setter Angel who I played against for several seasons: they are friends. I am very happy to come to the South, I will find a warm environment and welcoming people, as for me I will try to bring my character which is the thing that distinguishes me most in the world of volleyball, I am a fighter who never gives up. Having accumulated a lot of experience also allows me to be able to manage situations well on the pitch, I will try together with the team not to retrace a somewhat difficult year in terms of results like the one just past. The ambitions are to achieve salvation first of all, perhaps even in a simpler way than what Taranto did last year, and then what will come will be more”.