Sabaudia won PM&B Trophy

First cup on the board for the newly formed Plus Volleyball Sabaudia which won the PM&B Trophy, beating first Invicta Volley Grosseto and then the hosts Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania. The triangular match was played on Saturday 23 September at the Palazzetto dell’Olivo in the city of Viterbo starting at 3.30pm with a mini match of best of 3 sets. In the first match, victory for Tuscania which beat Grosseto with a score of 2-0. In the following match the Pontine team won 2-0 over the Tuscans, highlighting good team play which allowed Plus Volleyball to win the two sets while always keeping their opponents at a distance thanks to Bisci’s excellent defense which favored the plays of Schettino ready to arm Onwuelo, Ferenciac and Della Rosa. Third and final match, which given the results, was a true final between Tuscania and Sabaudia to win the triangular tournament. A match that ended 2-1 in favor of the Pontini who raised the cup of the first trophy won for the new sporting adventure of the newly formed Plus Volleyball club. A success that also saw opposite Samuel Onwuelo recognized as best player of the tournament.

Samuel Onwuelo (Plus Volleyball Sabaudia): “The tournament just concluded in Tuscania was a great way for us to continue in this growth process to get to the championship in the best possible way. After more than three weeks of preparation, playing two games and starting to get into match rhythm is extremely important. We still have a lot to work on but the path is the right one. Winning the MVP was a nice way to remember with pleasure the memory of Massimo Pierantozzi, a fantastic person who I thank and to whom I dedicate the award.”

PM&B Trophy:

Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania – Invicta Volley Grosseto: 2-0

Plus Volleyball Sabaudia – Invicta Volley Grosseto: 2-0

Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania – Plus Volleyball Sabadia: 1-2


Plus Volleyball Sabaudia 6
Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania 3
Invicta Volley Grosseto 0
Best player of the Tournament: Samuel Onwuelo (Plus Volleyball Sabaudia).