The destiny is in Parma’s hands

WiMORE Parma archived the away success in anticipation of the last day on TMB Monselice bringing up the rear and is already projected to the direct clash on Sunday afternoon at 18 at the PalaRaschi with ErmGroup San Giustino, paired at 29 in the standings in the full area Play Offs. Among the many reasons for curiosity, also the challenge in the match between the Bulgarian opposites Petar Hristoskov, author of 23 points in the first leg in Umbria, and Hristiyan Dimitrov, bought by the Gialloblù club last December and who, exceptionally interviewed by his teammate Federico Rossatti, the other “bomber” of coach Codeluppi’s troop, shows that he believes in making it to the post-season phase. “As I said at the beginning -explains Dimitrov, born in ’99, who travels at an average of almost eighteen balls placed on the ground per game- I see the potential in our team to get to the Play Offs. Since we’re already in it now, we just have to continue to do well and fate is in our hands: it depends on us to be able to score important points in the next games, I hope we will be physically fit so that we can reach the finish line”.

What was your best game so far?

“I would say that my best game was the one against Garlasco, it was important for the team to win immediately after Christmas. It was a good feeling to bring home two points.”

What is it like to play at PalaRaschi?

“PalaRaschi is a beautiful building, we have many spectators and a surprising atmosphere. I feel better when we play at home, we still have three games left in front of our fans between now and the end of the season but we hope to access the playoffs to be able to play more”.