Dear friends,

after years of dedication, sacrifices and love for this sport, the time has come to close this chapter. I will not go into the merits of the causes, since the controversy is not useful at the moment.

Since I started this adventure, I have invested all of myself in making Olimpia grow and bring her to the highest levels. I dedicated time, resources and passion to make it a big family, sharing unforgettable moments.

However, there are moments in life when difficult choices have to be made, and the closure of Olimpia is one of them. This decision wasn’t easy, as Olimpia was my greatest sporting love.

We have lived through intense and difficult moments, we have won and lost, and we have created a strong bond with the territory and the city of Bergamo. This bond will remain forever.

I thank all of you – friends of Cisano, sponsors, athletes, coaches, managers, staff, fans and those who worked behind the scenes – for your precious contribution. Thanks to you, we have lived unforgettable moments and we have become a great team.

A special thought goes to our sporting director, Vito Insalata, who has guided our success over the past seven years. Thanks to him, we have had the opportunity to win, grow and become a strong team. I will never forget his contribution and unconditional loyalty.

Thank you with all my heart. You have been my family, my point of reference and my source of inspiration. I will never forget your smiles, your tears and your emotions. You will always be in my heart.

Today we close an important chapter of our lives, but I am convinced that there will be new adventures and opportunities. I will never forget what we did together and I will carry with me the memory of you all, my greatest love.

Let’s remember that it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Let’s enjoy the ride, Olympia.

Angelo Agnelli