The three days in Calabria for Cisterna Volley have ended. At the Corigliano sports hall the team led by coach Guillermo Falasca participated in the Città del Codex e del Castello Tournament, winning the first semi-final against OmiFer Palmi with a score of 3-1 after a match that lasted almost two hours. Sunday was dedicated to the final in which Cisterna Volley only succumbed to the tie-break with Taranto. On the third day of their stay in Calabria, Cisterna Volley supported joint training with the Bulgarians of Hebar, a team that won the scudetto in Bulgaria in 2021 and 2022, and which has numerous acquaintances from the Italian Super League on the roster: Michele Baranowicz , Giulio Sabbi, Jacopo Massari, Rozalin Penchev, and Viktor Yosifov. Coach Giuliani was not on the bench, busy with the Turkish national team at the Olympic qualifying tournament currently being held in Tokyo, Japan.

«During training with Hebar we had little energy, this also considering the five sets played against Taranto which saw us battle on the pitch – explained coach Guillermo Falasca – In recent days I have seen many interesting things: against Taranto it was a very intense challenge and we did a good job in the break phase, which is something we trained a lot, and I’m very happy with this even if during the tournament we weren’t so incisive with the serve but we have time to work. There are things to continue to grow on such as work on the ball change and, by recovering players, as we are doing now with Efe Bayram, we will be able to improve more and more while waiting for the two Serbs to arrive with their national team after the Olympic qualifying tournament ».

Before the joint training with Hebar, Cisterna Volley was able to benefit from a free morning after the efforts of the final with Taranto and the players, accompanied by the staff, were able to visit the beauties of Corigliano including the castle.

CISTERNA VOLLEY: De Santis, Tosti, Finauri, Anellucci, Giani, Jordi Ramon, Saitta, Piccinelli, Faure, Rossi, Czerwinski, Mazzone, Efe Bayram, Marini Da Costa. All. Falasca
HEBAR VOLLEY: Dimitrov, Valchev, Massari, Dimitrov, Simeonov, Sabbi, Yosifov, Karakashev, Salparov, Georgiev, Baranowicz, Kartev, Penchev. All. Simeonov