WiMORE needing a road win in Game 2

Winning to stay in the running and earn next Tuesday’s “best” at the PalaRaschi. WiMORE Parma have no alternatives which, after the 1-3 defeat remedied during the week between friendly walls, will play tomorrow evening at 20.30 at the PalaCesari in Cutrofiano, in the province of Lecce, at Leo Shoes Casarano’s home in the second round of the Quarter Final of the Serie A3 Promotional Play Offs Credem Banca. The rossoazzurri, returning from no less than six consecutive wins, are aiming to close the accounts in front of their fans and guarantee themselves access to the semi-finals for the second consecutive year right from the first match ball, but they won’t have it easy in front of the yellow-blues who, before going down the distance, they had dominated the first part of the match, even finding themselves above 1 to 0 and 19-15 until they realized, on 24 to 23, the ball of 2-0 in the second set then lost in the sprint to the advantages. Difficulties in receiving, fifteen aces and four “slash receptions” collected, and the greater tranquility of the young Apulian sextet, never in trouble from a mental point of view and dragged by the Marzolla trio, top scorer at 24 points, Cianciotta, Ciupa and from the great performance of the libero Guadagnini, a spiker who, on this occasion, had replaced the suspended Prosperi Turri, combined with a pinch of luck in the key moments, made the difference, complicating the path of Sesto and his companions, authors in any case of a largely positive year, in the Post Season phase. A real feat will be needed in the hope of confirming the sensational away numbers of this first glimpse of 2023, marked away from home by a still open streak of six victories (Savigliano and Macerata the most significant) and a single knockout, now three months ago, last January 22 in the den of the leaders Fano. The Play Offs, however, represent another championship, in which one must have the ability to quickly recover the psychophysical fatigues and bring out all the residual energies still left in the tank in what, not without reason, had been defined as the clash on the eve among the seasonal outsiders in Serie A3. Coach Andrea Codeluppi hopes for a backlash to be able to go back in search of qualification in Race 3 at PalaRaschi. “We will have to field a better quality of play, it is clear that in Game 1 the serve and receive theme conditioned the final result but I think that result was also greatly influenced by our inaccuracies in the other phases of the game. The batting and receiving phase depends on their quality but on playing better and being a little more precise that depends on us.