3rd Round Second Half: everyone on the pitch on Sunday. At 4.00 pm Catania hosts Piacenza, at 5.00 pm Milan – Cisterna and Padua – Taranto. Rai Sport live at 5.45pm for Monza – Modena. Closing at 6.00 pm with Perugia – Civitanova and Trento – Verona

The emotions of the Super League concentrated in a single Sunday. The 3rd round of the 2023/24 Regular Season will be played in full on the afternoon of January 14th with the six matches of the top flight spread between 4pm and 6pm. Having also put aside their continental efforts in the cups, the big teams are preparing to play a challenging round. At 4.00pm Piacenza goes to Catania to counter the Etna team’s hunger for points. At 5.00 pm Milan hosts Cisterna, a rival who returned to success in the last round, while Padova and Taranto play key points to recover. The Rai Sport live broadcast of the 3rd day is scheduled for 5.45pm on the Opiquad Arena pitch for Monza – Modena. Some of the matches most awaited by fans coincide with the 6pm matches, the match between Perugia and Civitanova, remake of the last two Del Monte® Supercoppa finals and many other title matches, but also the Adige derby between Trento and Verona, remake of the recent quarter-final of the Del Monte® Italian Cup played at the ilT Quotidiano Arena a few days ago. The Italian champions from the Dolomites, also thanks to the winter title, lead the ranking at +3 on Perugia, first pursuer

3rd Round Second Half – Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 16.00
Farmitalia Catania – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza

Arbitri: Rossi Alessandro, Lot Dominga (Gaetano Antonio)
Video Check: Galletti Gabriele
Segnapunti: Iudica Erik
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 17.00
Pallavolo Padova – Gioiella Prisma Taranto

Arbitri: Curto Giuseppe, Vagni Ilaria (Turtù Marco)
Video Check: Barbieri Gabriele
Segnapunti: Davanzo Federica
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 17.00
Allianz Milano – Cisterna Volley

Arbitri: Piana Rossella, Pozzato Andrea (Santoro Angelo)
Video Check: Ferrara Annarita
Segnapunti: Gibertini Giuseppina
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 17.45
Mint Vero Volley Monza – Valsa Group Modena

Arbitri: Giardini Massimiliano, Goitre Mauro Carlo (Pernpruner Marco)
Video Check: Buonaccino D’Addiego Michele
Segnapunti: Mariosa Alessia Rosa
Diretta Rai Sport
Telecronaca di Marco Fantasia e Andrea Lucchetta
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Itas Trentino – Rana Verona

Arbitri: Cappello Gianluca, Florian Massimo (Serafin Denis)
Video Check: Cristoforetti Cristiano
Segnapunti: Fellin Matteo
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Sir Susa Vim Perugia – Cucine Lube Civitanova

Arbitri: Cesare Stefano, Cerra Alessandro (Jacobacci Sergio)
Video Check: Albergamo Michele
Segnapunti: Righi Francesca
Diretta VBTV

Standings SuperLega Credem Banca
Itas Trentino 34, Sir Susa Vim Perugia 31, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 29, Cucine Lube Civitanova 25, Allianz Milano 22, Mint Vero Volley Monza 20, Rana Verona 20, Valsa Group Modena 17, Cisterna Volley 13, Pallavolo Padova 10, Gioiella Prisma Taranto 9, Farmitalia Catania 4.

Volleyball and Media

Live broadcast on RAI Radio 1
The 3rd day of SuperLega Credem Banca will be featured on RAI Radio 1. Study updates on SuperLega Credem Banca results and rankings will be constantly provided in the Sunday afternoon headings of the well-known radio channel.

Live radio “Set & Note” on LatteMiele and LatteMiele.com
Sunday at 6.00 pm
Marco Caronna’s radio raids on the fields of the SuperLega Credem Banca Championship are back. The conductor within the “Set & Note” program will follow the progress of the Sunday challenges of SuperLega Credem Banca live. “Set & Note” is also on the web live streaming on www.lattemiele.com or by clicking on the LatteMiele box on the homepage of www.legavolley.it.

Foreign TVs
The TV partners of the Serie A Volleyball League abroad will broadcast the matches of the top volleyball league in the world: Sportklub (Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro), Polsat (Poland), TBS, FUJI TV, Volleyball TV and ESPN Latam (Central / South America and Caribbean) as well as the main world betting sites served by the IMG Arena agency. The Polish broadcaster Polsat also broadcasts all the matches of Sir Safety Susa Perugia.

Domenica Sportiva and Tg Sport on Rai 2
The historic Sunday evening program on Rai 2 will broadcast the report of the correspondent Maurizio Colantoni, for the story of the Sunday match broadcast on Rai Sport with the words of the protagonists of the day. The interview, together with other columns and insights on the protagonists of SuerLega Credem Banca, will be repeated on “Tg Sport” in the editions on Rai 2, Rai Sport, and Rai News.

TG5 and Sport Mediaset
The Canale 5 nightly TG5 will offer a service on the SuperLega Credem Banca weekend through the images of the races. The same service will be broadcast in multiple passages in the Sport Mediaset news bulletin, broadcast from 24.00 to 8.00.

SKY Sport 24
Sky Sport 24 will take care of in-depth information on the matches of the Credem Banca SuperLega Championship, taking stock of the games played, with images and interviews with the protagonists.

After Hours – SuperLeague at night
(#AfterHoursSuperLega) “After Hours, the SuperLega at night” live with Andrea Zorzi and Andrea Brogioni, offers many guests from the world of volleyball, every Sunday from 21.30 on the facebook page and on the YouTube channel of Lega Vollavolo Serie A. To enrich the season there will also be the midweek column “Poisoned ball”, the Wednesday study on the SuperLega Credem Banca weekend.



Serie A2 Credem Banca

3rd day of return: Pineto – Siena is played on Saturday. Sunday at 4.00pm Aversa – Cuneo and Reggio – Castellana, at 6.00pm Grottazzolina receives Ortona, Brescia awaits Porto Viro. Postponements during the week

The 3rd return round of the Serie A2 Credem Banca is approaching, scheduled between tomorrow, January 13th, and the 17th of the month. First meeting on Saturday, at 8.30pm, for Pineto and Siena. The following day we play on four fields: at 4.00pm Aversa hosts Cuneo, while Reggio Emilia welcomes Castellana Grotte. Another double appointment is scheduled for 6.00pm: the head-to-tail clash between the league leaders Grottazzolina and Ortona, last in the class, but also the confrontation between Brescia and Porto Viro. Cantù and Ravenna on the pitch on Tuesday. Santa Croce and Prata di Pordenone postpone Wednesday. Grottazzolina currently leads the standings with 38 points, six points ahead of Cuneo.

3rd Round Second Half – Regular Season Serie A2 Credem Banca

Sabato 13 gennaio 2024, ore 20.30
Abba Pineto – Emma Villas Siena

Arbitri: De Simeis Giuseppe, Di Bari Pierpaolo
Video Check: Finucci Anna
Segnapunti: Di Silvestre Davide
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 16.00
WOW Green House Aversa – Puliservice Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo

Arbitri: Merli Maurizio, Palumbo Christian
Video Check: De Martino Dario
Segnapunti: Capezio Eleonora
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 16.00
Conad Reggio Emilia – BCC Tecbus Castellana Grotte

Arbitri: Giglio Anthony, Grassia Luca
Video Check: Fallica Davide Basilio
Segnapunti: Baldi Forti Alessandro
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina – Sieco Service Ortona

Arbitri: Mesiano Marta, Angelucci Claudia
Video Check: Perotti Marco
Segnapunti: Marini Lorenzo
Diretta VBTV

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Consoli Sferc Brescia – Delta Group Porto Viro

Arbitri: Chiriatti Stefano, Spinnicchia Giorgia
Video Check: Bonzanni Andrea
Segnapunti: Rodofile Laura
Diretta VBTV

Martedì 16 gennaio 2024, ore 19.00
Pool Libertas Cantù – Consar Ravenna

Arbitri: Sessolo Maurina, Cruccolini Beatrice
Video Check: Ugolotti Davide
Segnapunti: Anessi Cinzia
Diretta VBTV

Mercoledì 17 gennaio 2024, ore 19.00
Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce – Tinet Prata di Pordenone

Arbitri: Armandola Cesare, Turtù Marco
Video Check: Guacci Francesco Elia
Segnapunti: Scirè Daniele
Diretta VBTV

Standings Serie A2 Credem Banca
Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina 38, Puliservice Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo 32, Tinet Prata di Pordenone 31, Emma Villas Siena 30, Consar Ravenna 28, Consoli Sferc Brescia 26, Delta Group Porto Viro 23, Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce 19, Pool Libertas Cantù 19, WOW Green House Aversa 16, Conad Reggio Emilia 16, Abba Pineto 13, BCC Tecbus Castellana Grotte 9, Sieco Service Ortona 9.

1 incontro in meno: Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce, Pool Libertas Cantù, WOW Green House Aversa e BCC Tecbus Castellana Grotte.


Serie A3 Credem Banca

3rd day of return: in the White Group on Saturday they beat Mantova and Sarroch. Four matches on Sunday, while San Donà and Brugherio postpone Thursday. Rest Savigliano

The Blue starts on Sunday. At 4.00 pm Palmi takes on Sabaudia, at 6.00 pm on the pitch Fano – Bari and Lagonegro – Lecce, two evening matches and a postponement on Thursday between Casarano and Marcianise. Rest Sorrento

Having archived the exciting quarter-finals in a single match of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia A3, the teams of the third national series return to focus on the championship journey with the challenges of the 3rd return day in the two groups. The white sees Mantova in command with a three-point advantage over San Donà. In Blue the locomotive of the ranking is Macerata with 33 points, ahead of Fano and San Giustino at 27.

3rd Round Second Half – Regular Season Serie A3 Credem Banca Girone Bianco

Sabato 13 gennaio 2024, ore 19.30
Gabbiano Mantova – Sarlux Sarroch

Arbitri: Tundo Virginia, Magnino Simone
Video Check: Rossi Daniele
Segnapunti: Gioia Eleonora
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 17.00
CUS Cagliari – Negrini CTE Acqui Terme

Arbitri: Marotta Michele, Fontini Simone
Video Check: Bolognesi Claudio
Segnapunti: Usai Elena
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Stadium Mirandola – Belluno Volley

Arbitri: Russo Roberto, Bassan Fabio
Video Check: Bosica Gianclaudio
Segnapunti: Cavalera Marta
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Moyashi Garlasco – Pallavolo Motta

Arbitri: Mazzarà Antonio, Kronaj David
Video Check: Rovagnati Luca
Segnapunti: Gavazzoni Martina
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 19.00
Geetit Bologna – Wimore Salsomaggiore Terme

Arbitri: Stellato Giuseppina, Marigliano Antonio Giovanni
Video Check: Camarda Luca
Segnapunti: La China Andrea
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Giovedì 18 gennaio 2024, ore 20.45
Personal Time San Donà di Piave – Gamma Chimica Brugherio

Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Riposa: Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano

Standings Serie A3 Credem Banca – Girone Bianco
Gabbiano Mantova 35, Personal Time San Donà di Piave 32, Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano 31, CUS Cagliari 27, Negrini CTE Acqui Terme 26, Belluno Volley 25, Pallavolo Motta 19, Gamma Chimica Brugherio 16, Sarlux Sarroch 15, Geetit Bologna 13, Stadium Mirandola 11, Moyashi Garlasco 11, Wimore Salsomaggiore Terme 6.

1 incontro in meno: Gabbiano Mantova, Negrini CTE Acqui Terme, Gamma Chimica Brugherio, Stadium Mirandola.


3rd Round Second Half – Regular Season Serie A3 Credem Banca Girone Blu

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 16.00
OmiFer Palmi – Plus Volleyball Sabaudia

Arbitri: Stancati Walter, Guarneri Roberto
Video Check: Durante Claudia
Segnapunti: Donato Elena
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Smartsystem Fano – Just British Bari

Arbitri: Proietti Deborah, Morgillo Davide
Video Check: Catena Lorenzo
Segnapunti: Salvemini Marta
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.00
Rinascita Lagonegro – Aurispa DelCar Lecce

Arbitri: De Sensi Danilo, Giorgianni Giovanni
Video Check: Villano Andrea
Segnapunti: Pascaretta Luigi
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 18.30
QuantWare Napoli – Banca Macerata

Arbitri: Pescatore Luca, Marani Azzurra
Video Check: Baldi Francesco
Segnapunti: Ferrante Marco
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Domenica 14 gennaio 2024, ore 19.00
Erm Group San Giustino – Avimecc Modica

Arbitri: D’Argenio Alessandro, Dell’Orso Alberto
Video Check: Rosignoli Marco
Segnapunti: Tardioli Paolo
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Mercoledì 31 gennaio 2024, ore 20.00
Leo Shoes Casarano – Tim Montaggi Marcianise

Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Bye: Shedirpharma Sorrento

Standings Serie A3 Credem Banca – Girone Blu
Banca Macerata 33, Smartsystem Fano 27, Erm Group San Giustino 27, OmiFer Palmi 25, Rinascita Lagonegro 25, Shedirpharma Sorrento 21, Avimecc Modica 20, Leo Shoes Casarano 19, Aurispa DelCar Lecce 18, QuantWare Napoli 17, Just British Bari 12, Plus Volleyball Sabaudia 12, Tim Montaggi Marcianise 11.

1 incontro in meno: Banca Macerata, OmiFer Palmi, Leo Shoes Casarano e Tim Montaggi Marcianise.