Nominally he even has to change region to reach PalaPrata, but, in reality, to get to the Passerotti house he only has to travel a few kilometers from his native Mansue. We are talking about Mattia Bomben, an important piece that completes the group of Tinet spikers for the 2024 – 2025 season.
For him, a striker born in 2001, the experience in the San Donà youth team, with which he completed the entire process up to his debut in Serie A3 when Dario Sanna was behind the desk directing the team’s operations on the Piave, while the Director The youth coach was Francesco Gagliardi. Then for him experience in Serie B, first in Portogruaro and then in the last two years with Futura Cordenons.

“It’s wonderful to be able to play practically at home – announces Bomben – but not only that. As soon as the proposal from Volley Prata arrived I accepted it with enthusiasm. Also because, since I was a child, I have dreamed of being part of this world and even all those who have already played here have always spoken well of it to me.”

What do you expect on a personal level from this season?

“I talked a lot with Coach Di Pietro. I would like to have the best season of my career, also because, coming from three years of Serie B, it will be necessary to make a big leap in quality.”

If you had to define one of your strong points and one that you would still like to improve on, what would you choose?

“I will be telegraphic. I absolutely need to improve the service, especially in terms of continuity. I believe that my strong point is represented by my attacking shots.”

What is Mattia like off the pitch?

“I like all sports and lately I’ve become passionate about the world of skiing. I think I’m a guy capable of having fun, but also understanding when to stay serious. For this reason I would like to make myself completely available to the club and my teammates.”

You will bring a lot of fans to PalaPrata. Have you had the opportunity to see and get to know the yellow-blue world on other occasions besides official matches?

“Every time I played there I found the stadium packed and, as a player, even if I was an opponent, I couldn’t wait to come and play there. This is also why I can’t wait to finally start the season so, finally, I will have all this warmth on my side!”