The last veils were removed on the morning of Saturday 10 February: from next Tuesday 14 to Sunday 19 May, San Giustino and the Tuscan-Umbrian Upper Tiber Valley will host the national Under 19 men’s volleyball finals, which will bring the best players to the area national expressions of the category. A great event not only sporting, because there will also be repercussions on a tourism level. Specifically, 27 teams and 378 athletes in total will arrive, plus another estimated 1200 people including professionals and families, for a total of 95 races plus the final. Three municipalities are involved: in addition to San Giustino, that of Città di Castello and that of nearby Sansepolcro on the Tuscan side. There will be five facilities in which the games will be played: the Selci Lama sports hall and facility in the San Giustino area, the “Andrea Ioan” stadium and the Trestina PalaFemac in Città di Castello and the Sansepolcro sports hall. Four support companies: Città di Castello Pallavolo, Trestina Volley, New Volley Borgo Sansepolcro and obviously Pallavolo San Giustino, which was able to count on the fundamental contribution of Fipav Umbria in organizing the event. The presentation press conference, conducted with his now proverbial brilliance by the journalist Gabrio Possenti, was held in one of the classrooms of the “Link” University in Cerbara di Città di Castello and after the greeting of its patron, Francesco Polidori, the president of the Umbrian regional committee of the federation, Giuseppe Lomurno, took the floor to praise the commitment of the public administrations in organizing an event which demonstrates how the Upper Umbria district, which has always been the “temple” of volleyball, has the culture of hospitality is also deeply rooted. “We are working to provide a beautiful image of our land,” added the CEO of Pallavolo San Giustino, Claudio Bigi, specifying how the white-blue club – which is keeping the name of the region high in the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship – believes a lot about young people and intends to give life to a valley project. In this sense, Bigi gave further news: “From next season we will be called Vallavolo Valtiberina, precisely for greater involvement of the district in order to remain at the levels we have achieved”. The synergy of a territory that is increasingly breaking down the boundaries of the bell tower and above all the political-administrative ones is the concept on which the mayors of the three protagonist Municipalities insisted in their speeches