ShedirPharma Sorrento’s entry market starts immediately with a bang. In place 3 comes Stefano Patriarca, born in ’87, nicknamed “the giant” for his 206 centimeters of technique and muscles.

A career that speaks for itself. He wears the prestigious blue shirt for the 2011 World League, and puts important titles on the board. An Italian Serie A2 Cup among the ranks of Siena, but above all Junior League and Italian title defending the colors of Lube Macerata.

Patriarca starts from “his” Agnone, where at just 15 years old he already made his debut in A2. His qualities did not go unnoticed, and he immediately ended up on the radar of Lube who began to mold him between the youth sector and the first team. After spending a few years in A2 between Santa Croce and Crema, the central defender from Molise forcefully returns to the top flight playing for Bcc Castellana Grotte, Verona, Latina, Lube again, then Milan and Piacenza. In 2016 Patriarca arrived in Siena, then 4 years in Castellana Grotte between Materdomini and Bcc. In 2021 Patriarca moved to Brescia, then experience in Bulgaria defending the colors of the prestigious and titled Deya Sport, dragged to the quarter-finals of the Scudetto pool. The call of Italy is still strong, and the center still asserts itself between Fano and Ortona.
From this year Stefano Patriarca (2914 points, 119 aces and 613 blocks in Serie A) is an unconventional weapon available to coach Nicola Esposito in the 3 meters.

Your career has been very important: 8 A1 and 12 A2 championships, next season will be your first season in Serie A3 excluding the parenthesis of a few months in Fano. How did this possibility arise and what pushed you to choose this project?

“At the start of the market I had received several offers, including from A2 companies, but they were solutions very far from home, and honestly I didn’t really want to move away. At a certain point, the call from president Ruggiero arrived: he involved me in a really positive way, making me understand the importance that both the team and the project have for him. I will be the most experienced athlete on the Sorrento roster, and this makes me proud and responsible, since with my experience I will also have the task of hening the younger ones in the group.”