Gato about the victory against Treviso and the challenge with Latina

The team is back training from today after the great match with Sisley Treviso. The victory was even more thrilling for the incredible amount of people that came to the Palaolimpia.
“It was the first time I saw the arena so crowded -Ramon Gato says- against Sisley we really needed such a audience. It was very exciting and we couldn’t believe the result until the end. The victory is our present to our supporters, and now we must go on like this, for against Latina we will have to do our best”.


Verona will meet the team from Austria in a test match that will be very useful for mr. Bagnoli to check the players’ physical conditions. In the team two formers: the coach Pietro Scarduzio and Branko Pistovic.

Picture: Ramon Gato