In Crema last call for the Playoff

BancaEtruria Eurospar Arezzo:
After the match against leader Taranto, Banca Etruria Arezzo is ready for another match with a high standing position team. Sunday Riccardo Provvedi boys will visit the second best of the tournament Premier Hotels Crema. A delicate match for Arezzo that will take the last chances to get a spot for the playoff.
Middleblocker Max Russo says: “We know it will be difficult to win the last three matches but we will fight until the end. We owe it to the club and to the amazing crowd that support us during the whole season”
In Crema coach Provvedi will confirm Valerio Guagnelli replacing Maric as opposite player,
Crema should have the whole team ready with Finazzi already recovered and the chance to see Jankovic back in court after one month of stop.

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