On Monday in Cuneo against Bre Banca, anticipations by Savani about the match

On monday, February the 27th at 8.30 p.m. Itas Diatec Trentino will face Bre Banca Lanntti Cuneo in the big match for the 21st championship’s day. The match will be live on Sky Sport 2.
The match is expected to be very thrilling: Cuneo is now third-ranked with 40 points, Trento is sixth-ranked with 33. It has now the chance to redeem itself after the defeat of the first half, when Cuneo won 3-2, and after the Coppa Italia match, won by Cuneo 3-0. Until now the teams faced each other 16 times, 6 victories for Trento and 10 for Cuneo.
About the match on Monday spiker Cristian Savani says: “It will be a real match on a tough court, where anyhow Trento has been winning twice in the last two years, playing really good. We are in a good moment, we won three times in the last four matches, last Sunday we defeated Montichiari showing that Cagliary was just a bad day’s episode.
Bre Banca plays good Volley, it is excited for the Coppa Italia, it is a very good and complete team and it will be hard to stop them.
We must give them trouble by passing, it was the right way with Montichiari and it can be with Cuneo as well. We can get precious points, it won’t be easy but not even impossible”.

Picture by Marco Trabalza: spiker Cristian Savani