Before the match versus Latina

Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari:

BERNARDI “He was stopped by an injury for three weeks. Lorenzo is recovering little by little.”

LATINA “This is an important match. The points we can get are needed for qualification.

MIDDLEBLOCKERS “We started playing well. We improved receiving and the setter manages to play with us.”
PREPARATION “We are preparino this match from a phisical and mental point of view. The determination needs to be at the maximum.”
SUXHO “Donald is still ill. I hope he will recover.”


INJURY “I started training again. I want to play but I need to respect the orders of the physiotherapist”

LATINA “I do not know how much I will play. The only thing is that I want to play”

SOCIETY “I had a really positive impression of Gabeca Pallavolo. It is very organised “

TEAM MATES”As for my mates, I am glad; it is a perfect group.”

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