Mater starts from the dessert!

Materdomini Volley.It Castellana Grotte Castellana Grottewon playoff match 1 against Crema.
The victory versus Cazzaniga and mates represents the hard work the whole team had during this period. Coach Travica’s trainings allowed Pascual and mate sto start playing well and to show their real abilities with enthusiasm. President Miccolis is sitisfied: “We deserved this victory. Now Crema has got nothing to lose so our team needs to be careful for next match on Wednesday.”
The Brazilian opposite Leozao Alves played for his first time. He was the top scorer of the game.
“Leo played really well. At the end he was alittle bit tires. We need him for match 2”

Crema and Materdomini Volley is going be broadcast on sky Sport 2 tonight at 8.30 p.m.

Pier Paolo Lorizio
Press office