The derby in Pineto

S.E.C. Isernia:
It is a derby, it is the ex coach Chiovini’s match. Isernia-Pineto will not be a normal game.

Coach Chiovini says “Volley is a wonderful sport but above all it is a clean sport. The behaviour of some stupid person can’t damage volley. I hope to watch a nice chellenge, not only on the field but also on the stands.”
“Pineto is a perfect team. It won versus Castellana and Santa Croce. This fact cannot scary us, we eill try to win and get points”.

SEC Isernia won against Crema last week and trained well the following days. Its starting six: Scappaticcio-Rosso setter-opposite, Axè-Argilagos spkers, Costantini-Shumov middleblockers and Gatto libero. On the other side of the net: Fracascia chose Ronaldo and Bergamo. (setter- opposite)

Anna Palermo
Press office
(GRECO’ s photo: Coach Chiodini and La Posta scoutman)