The outcome against the other teams is more than positive for the playoffs

Premier Hotels goes to the playoffs with three consecutive defeats which only gave them 2 points, but the Blues has demonstrated throught the season, to be able to compete well against all the big ones.

Fant’s team has in fact closed the regular season 8th in the standings due to the negative results after the 5 teams who have been demoted (15 points out of 30 available), while their performance against the teams in the playoffs is more than positive.
Reima has won twice against Verona, Santa Croce and Loreto, their first opponent in the playoffs. The Blues then won three out of four times against Catania (also met in the Italian Cup).
It went even with Forli and Taviano. The only “black beast” was Isernia, able to beat Egeste both in the first and second leg.