Tomorrow in Monza for Game 2

On tomorrow Diatec Trentino will play in Monza for Unipolsai Superleague Quarterfinals Game 2, after the clear 3-0 in game 1 at PalaTrento.

Angelo Lorenzetti said: “the first road game in playoffs is always important, we played on that turf 10 days ago but tomorrow will be a different game, they will be determined and motivated, they will need to take some risk, will be a no tomorrow game for them. We will need to have the rifht approach to the game”.

Diatec Trentino – Gi Group Monza 3-0 (25-15, 25-18, 25-18) – Diatec Trentino: Giannelli 7, Urnaut 9, Solé 10, Stokr 16, Lanza 11, Van De Voorde 3, Chiappa (L), Colaci (L), Antonov 0, Mazzone T. 1. DNP Blasi, Nelli, Mazzone D., Burgsthaler. Coach. Lorenzetti. Gi Group Monza: Jovovic 2, Botto 2, Beretta 2, Vissotto Neves 11, Dzavoronok 0, Verhees 5, Rizzo (L), Galliani 3, Brunetti (L), Fromm 7, Daldello 0, Hirsch 0. DNP Terpin. Coach Falasca. REFEREES: Saltalippi, Santi. NOTES – Attendence: 3.558. sets: 23′, 23′, 24′; tot: 70′. MVP: Lanza
Clear home win for Diatec Trentino in Unipolsi Superleague Quarterfinals Game 1 versus Gi Group Monza, confirming the positive trend at PalaTrento (Trento is still undefeated on the home turf) and versus Monza (8 total wins and no losses versus the team from Brianza). Diatec Trentino dominated the game since the start, thanks to a great performance in serve (9 total aces for Angelo Lorenzetti’s team, 5 for Mvp Filippo Lanza), and thanks to great percentages in attack (67%) which put in trouble the reception and the defence of Monza, not able to step up and react to the power of Trento. Simone Giannelli was perfect in calling all the numbers of his attack, and everybody answered the call, Urnaut 70%, Stokr 64%, Solé 90% are some examples. So no way for Monza, who left the game soon, not able to contain the attack of former Italian champs. Miguel Angel Falasca’s team will try to ract in Quarterfinals Game 2 on the home turf next wednesday, trying to stay in the series. Will be a no tomorrow game for Gi Group.
Filippo Lanza (Diatec Trentino): “We are good in practice, and we are good in game. It’s not authomatic, but we are doing it, we are having fun together in the gym. On tonight we had the right mentality and approach since the first play of the game, and everything was easier, for us. Playoffs are another chaptoer of the season, one step ahead, and we understood this, and also our fans”.
Iacopo Botto (Gi Group Monza): “We will have some hopes for wednesdaya, only if we play another way. Today we did not play well, but on the other hand they were great, they limited us in every aspect of our game, we struggled in attack, down the net we struggled, and versus opponents like them, if you are not playing 100%, it’s very difficult”.