Milano players at European Championships

Allianz Powervolley Milano players are involved in European Championships on course now, players who are making alot of waves, as dutchman nimir Abdel Aziz, best scorer of the tournament, and Matteo Piano, best blocker of the tournament.

Matteo Piano, Italia: 37 punti (21 attacchi, 16 muri)
Nemanja Petric, Serbia: 37 punti (31 attacchi, 4 ace, 2 muri)
Nimir Abdel-Aziz, Olanda: 123 punti (87 attacchi, 24 ace, 12 muri)
Jan Kozamernik, Slovenia: 35 punti (24 attacchi, 6 ace, 6 muri)
Trevor Clevenot, Francia: 6 punti (6 attacchi)
Riccardo Sbertoli, Italia: 0 punti