Volleyball Transfer Market in Salsomaggiore

19th Edition of Volleyball Transfer Market campaign in Salsomaggiore, in Parma’s county, with all the executives of Serie A engaged in the workshop from 16th until 18th july.

Alot of expectations for this edition, with Serie A for the first time divided in Three Series, Superleague, Serie A2 and Serie A3.

The workshop will start tuesday 16th at Palazzo dei Congressi in Salsomaggiore, with the meetings of the teams press officers, the National Game Officials meeting, the rally of Serie A2 and Serie A3 teams officials, and a workshop about international contracts and transfers.

On Wednesday 17th the works will be about Videosharing, and wit StageUp Giovanni Palazzi who will speak about fans, audience and revenues for volleyball. In the afternoon the topic will be marketing with SmartSport Director Marco Caroli, talking about fan zones and fan engagement. Administration Council of the teams will close the day.

On thursday 18th will take place the introduction of brand new 2019/2020 Credem Banca superleague, Serie A2 and Serie A3 seasons, disclosing the schedule of the three tournaments, officially starting brand new season.

All the journalists are invited to the event. The request is needed at press@legavolley.it.