Gas Sales BluEnergy at work

Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza is back to work this morning with a session in the weight room and in the technical afternoon. After a Monday off and still with the bitterness for how the defeat at the tie break with WithU Verona matured in Sunday’s debut at PalabancaSport, Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza is preparing to prepare for the first away match in the Regular Season scheduled for Sunday 9 October (8.30 pm) at PalaPanini in the match valid for the second day of the first leg against Valsa Group Modena.

Already in the afternoon, coach Lorenzo Bernardi and his staff pushed the accelerator on some technical-tactical aspects to oil the mechanisms of the red and white sextet and refine the understanding between captain Antoine Brizard and the new players.

For the red and white Yoandy Leal the next match will have a special flavor, the Brazilian hitter will challenge Modena for the first time as a former player, the team he played in last season. And on the other side of the net will be Adis Lagumdzija last season in Piacenza.

Work program from Tuesday 4th to Sunday 9th October

Tuesday: weights, technique

Wednesday: rest, technique

Thursday: weights, technique

Friday: rest, technique

Saturday: rest, technique

Sunday: video and technique, SuperLega Credem Banca game against Valsa Group Modena (8.30 pm at PalaPanini).