A win for Med Store Tunit in Fano

Last night the red and white won with the result of 2 to 1 in the three sets played at the Palasport Allende. Another friendly, useful to find the best form and understanding between the players, which will be followed by the tests on Saturday, where at the Banca Macerata Forum the Med Store Tunit will be the promoter and protagonist of a sports day dedicated to the Memorial Furiassi – Valenti.

The match against Fano started immediately in a positive way for the red and white, who already in the first set took the advantage, controlling the game well and then stretching in the final with a wide 15-21 before the final 15-25. Fano draws the scores in the second set, where this time he manages to pass ahead and keep Macerata at a distance; final similar to the first set but with reversed parts, it is the hosts who run away, the red and white shorten a few points and Fano closes 25-18. Third and decisive more balanced set, even if in the central part the Med Store Tunit manages to gain a good gap over the opponents, Fano undermines the red and white advantage on 19-21 but the men of coach Gulinelli are good not to be surprised, ends 21- 25.

Med Store Tunit Macerata: Morelli 4, Zappoli 5, Margutti 6, Paolucci 2, Kindgard 6, Wawrzynczyk 9, Sanfilippo 9, Gonzi, Pizzichini 7, Bacco 2, Gabbanelli. Herds Gulinelli

The Med Store Tunit does not stop, in fact on Saturday it will be the turn of the triangular organized for the Memorial Furiassi – Valenti.