Andrea Nasari landed in Savigliano

And here is the second new entry of Volley Savigliano for the 22/23 season. This is Andrea Nasari from Turin, a 96-class hitter, a true expert in the category with 4 seasons of A3 already behind him who will complete the diagonal with Galaverna.
Andrea took his first steps in volleyball in Chieri where he played youth championships and B2 series at a very young age. For years he has been the protagonist of the Turin teams of Parella, San Mauro, Sant’Anna and also in Fossano, with which he plays in the regional championships and in the B1 series.
The first experience away from home was in Sardinia still in Serie B1 and then no longer returns to Piedmont: over the years he takes the field for Piacenza (two years in Serie B), Macerata (one year in A2 and one in A3), Portomaggiore ( A3) and last year Fano (A3) in which he was an opponent of Volley Savigliano.
The one with Savigliano is Andrea’s return to Piedmont after eight years; he liked the project and the organization of the club even if he was starting out in Serie A. He immediately makes it clear that he wants to do well!
The greatest success that Nasari tells us was playing as a starter in the A2 series in Macerata: he had to be the third hitter of the team from the Marche region but almost immediately the field proved him right and became immovable.
Among the hard moments that you can have in your career, he chooses the month off last year dictated by the covid from which it was hard to recover.
For the new season Andrea thinks that Savigliano has what it takes to make a good championship, he believes that there will be nothing less than other rosters. He does not hide: Andrea aims for the play-offs.
Dreams in the drawer of Andrea Nasari … As for volleyball he is quite satisfied with his career so far, he would like to play a good championship! He adds that he would like to carry out his studies in motor science: the dream is to open a weight gym and remain in the world of volleyball as an athletic trainer. Meanwhile, everything Savigliano is ready to see him at work … will it be “Gala-Nasari Show” ?!