Brescia landed back Nicola Candeli

The Consoli McDonald’s Centrale rediscovers the explosive central Garda, returning after a year in the Superlega. For Nicola Candeli, “It is unthinkable to play in A2 away from Brescia. I’ll be back stronger and with the desire to continue the path that led us to the final promotion ”

Nicola Candeli, 29 years to complete in July and 200 cm of exuberance, is back among the wings of the Toucans with the transparency and frankness that characterize him: “I would have taken a little more space in Superlega, it is useless to deny it – smiles the number 12 biancazzurro – but, since that possibility did not materialize, I chose to resume the journey with Atlantis without ever having other destinations in mind. In A2, Brescia will always be my first choice and I am happy that the agreement with Zambonardi was found in an instant, having maintained contact throughout my season in Ravenna. The usual opponents, it’s okay that they stay on the other side of the net, as I see it. “