Med Store and Giuseppe Longo part ways

The setter from Puglia closes his adventure in red and white with the Play-Off Semifinal reached at the end of the Regular Season. Formed in the Castellana Grotte, Longo left his Puglia in the summer, undressing the shirt of Aurispa Libellula Lecce, an opponent of the red and white in the 2020/2021 Play-Offs, to take over the direction of Med Store Tunit Macerata in the season just ended. With the red and white colors he took on the difficult task of replacing the ex-Captain Natale Monopoli, Longo showed his qualities and although it was a year full of obstacles for the team, together with the group he managed to overcome them and conquer the third place in the league, yielding only at the last breath in the Play-Off against Sistemia Aci Castello.