There is only one Captain! The new cycle by Folgore Massa cannot ignore the leadership of Gianpio Aprea. Pace and speed. Technique and tactical intelligence. Once again the keys to the green-and-white game will be entrusted to the skilled hands of captain Aprea.

The last championship was experienced by Folgore as an important page in the history of volleyball in the Sorrento Peninsula. What do you bring with you from the first green-and-white adventure in Serie A?

“Our debut in such a prestigious category was something indescribable. Like all the “firsts” there are many emotions lived, and at the same time all the experience gained during the season. We will treasure it, and I am sure it will prove to be fundamental for the right approach to the new championship ”.

How do you rate last season as a whole? What instead do you expect now that as a crazy splinter, the Folgore is no longer a freshman but has shown that it can stabilize in A3?

“The balance is absolutely positive. In our first year in Serie A, we qualified for the round of 16 of the Cup, and we were the architects of our destiny until the last day for a place in the play-offs. Too bad we didn’t put the icing on the cake at the end of an important season. The road will certainly be uphill, as we have a new group with a lower average age, and we will need time to get to know each other and find the right mechanisms. I am sure that with the right atmosphere and hard work in the gym, we will be able to earn the respect of our opponents on the pitch. ”

An important cycle closes, and another one reopens with many new faces. As a captain, how important will it be to act as a hen for new grafts and younger ones?

“It goes without saying that there is always a bit of sadness left when a cycle ends. We shared important moments with the boys: joys and victories, as well as less happy periods in which defeat weighed heavily.
Everything, however, has served us to mature both as athletes and as men.
At the same time, there is strong enthusiasm when a new cycle opens, and a lot of curiosity to meet the new guys and be together in the gym.
I arrived young climbing the hierarchy championship after championship, and now I think I am the oldest of the group. It will be a pleasure to put my experience at the service of the youngest, hoping that it will be useful for everyone’s growth “