Consonni in Brugherio

Luca Consonni, born in 2003, vice-champion of Italy Under 19, Champion of Italy Under 20, is promoted to the first team and in the 2022/23 season will be one of the spikers of Gamma Chimica Brugherio in the Serie A3 Credem Banca Championship.

Versatile and complete player, to be taken as an example for his approach to work, humility and seriousness. When he is on the pitch there is “calm”. Great stabilizer of the team, with his technique he is able to reassure everyone and transform the tension of the hottest moments of the race into concentration and head in doing exactly what needs to be done. Solid in the second line and fast in attack. Technique and safety come together in a perfect combination to be put at the service of the team.

Luca Consonni is ready to be one of the faces of the first team of the Pink Devils.

Greetings from Luca Consonni: “When I was informed that next year I would be part of the A3 series project, I felt incredulous and proud at the same time because I understood that the Devils place a lot of trust in me. I am very determined, I want to grow and give the best possible contribution to the team and all together we will have to give our best because the championship will certainly be very competitive. Personally I want to take advantage of this experience to improve every day and together with my teammates I expect to immediately become a united group and to remain like this until the end. Our experience here at the Devils teaches us that this is an essential value that helps you reach your goal. You will see on the field a certainly tenacious, combative and determined Luca. I am sure that we will be able to make the public feel part of the team ”.

Coach Durand: “Consonni is a player that every coach would like in his squad. He has strong second-line skills, a good receiver and a good defender, despite the low height he is also an important presence in attack. Luca enjoys great jumping skills and the ability to handle a very fast ball. He will be a very important player because he will allow us to change our set-up even during the matches, giving us that unpredictability that must be a very important factor and that every element of the squad must be able to give to the team. “