Emanuele Cappello still athletic trainer

Avimecc Volley Modica confirms for the third season Emanuele Cappello as the first team’s athletic trainer. A professional with a background in volleyball and volleyball, a figure who has always shown professionalism and experience.

Since last year he has been perfectly integrated into the new staff and his organization chart, one more step towards a path of growth for everyone, a way to consolidate a work that has strong roots and that now needs to be cultivated day after day.

Just Cappello states how: “I grew up in this environment and for me it is my home, I can say that with some members of the management we also shared the field as young people and therefore I could never want a separation from this world that has welcomed me and every day makes me feel good ”.

On the relationship with the current staff: “I could not have wished for a better environment, each of us has our own role and no one tries to excel in that of the others. At the same time, we are always ready to confront and find the best path for the training of children and for their physical growth. The group is important both on the bench and on the pitch and I hope it can get the results it deserves because over the years a lot has been achieved and the fruits now want to be reaped ”.