Enthusiasm in Cisterna

Enthusiasm and a lot of fun in the experience lived by hundreds of young people at the Palasport di Cisterna di Latina. Many young athletes participated in the “Fair to Play” open day organized by Top Volley Cisterna as part of the collaboration with Marino Volleyball. “Together we are stronger”, this is the motto of the two sports clubs: Cisterna, Lazio’s only team in the national Super League, Marino leader in the regional youth sector. Union of intentions also sealed by the municipal administrations of the two cities involved.

Michela Mariottini (Councilor for Youth Policies for Cisterna). “These are opportunities that the municipality is offering. At an inclusive and sporting level there is a wide choice, this is one of the best at a competitive level for the results achieved by the two companies “.

Emanuela Pagnanelli (Councilor for Sport Cisterna): “In September, scholarships will be set up, in collaboration with schools in which young people who succeed in this sport and maybe make it a profession will be awarded”.