Christian Peluso ast third season with Leo Shoes Casarano

The market at Leo Shoes Casarano opens with an important confirmation: for the third consecutive year, the red-blue shirt will be worn by the Salento athlete Christian Peluso who will represent one of the pawns of the group of power plants that will be available Mister Fabrizio Licchelli during the next championship.

The excellent technical work carried out in the last year, together with the professionalism and seriousness shown in each appointment, have ensured that the club chaired by President Dongiovanni did not hesitate to seek an agreement with the Salento tower to extend the contractual relationship also for the sports season 2022/2023.

Protagonist of the incredible journey of which the red-blue team became author in its first year of Serie A-3, Peluso deserved with flying colors the reconfirmation which, to tell the truth, arrived quickly thanks to the sharing of goals and values.