Fabrizio Gambella with Tinet Prata

An athlete who makes work and dedication his trademark. In this way Fabrizio Gambella enters his sixteenth season with the Tinet Prata shirt. A story born when a 5-year-old boy from Argentina started flying the ball inside the PalaPrata and never stopped. At 21 Fabrizio continues to give his precious contribution to the Gialloblù cause.

“At the end of the season there was the possibility of going for an experience outside the Prato” nest “- says the hitter – but when I received the call from Dario Sanna and Luciano Sturam I didn’t hesitate for a second. I consider Prata my home and when I was asked to stay the choice was easy ”

What do you expect from next year?

“Last season was a great season, with incredible emotions experienced by our team group. From a personal point of view, I regretted not being able to contribute due to a series of injuries. And I’m not talking about playing space, but also about training. And it was something that I missed so much. So in the next season my wish is simply to find continuity in the work in the gym, something that I have missed terribly in recent months ”

Have you already talked to Dante?

“No, but the fact that we can still work with him and with a very high profile staff is an incredibly motivating thing. It made me happy that once I heard about the renewal, all my teammates wrote to me. I am happy to remain in this group because I believe that the harmony we have between us has been one of the key points of our success. It is true that the talent of individuals goes on the pitch, but without a team structure and a strong group everything is more difficult. In this sense it will also be important to start the A2 to be able to rely on such a solid and compact structure that it has been almost totally confirmed. “