Alessandro Cipolloni Save with Serie A3 team

Alessandro Cipolloni Save, setter born in 2003, 183 cm high, one of the best prospects of the blue and white youth league, this season joins the A3 series roster.
“When the company communicated the news to me -comments- I finally felt free and I felt a feeling that I had been waiting for a long time. I felt like someone who finally made it after years and years of sweating”.
What effect does it have on you to know that you will train with Giacomo Leoni?
“Playing with Giacomo certainly has a certain effect both for the fact that when I was little he was my point of reference as a Tuscania setter, and I don’t deny that I learned a lot by watching his game, but also for the fact that having him in the team it will push us to try to reach its level and do even more, with healthy competitiveness “.
How are you doing with your studies? What are your hobbies?
“As far as studying is concerned, this year I will face my first year at university and I hope to be able to fit it with volleyball so as not to miss anything. My hobby, in addition to the gym, is certainly leisure with my friends that I do not deny I will miss him but sacrifices are necessary to get to the top “.
What goal do you set yourself for next season?
“My goal for next year is the same as all the past ones, that is to give my best, always train consistently and give 110 percent of me for the team and for myself, to improve myself and move forward in the thing that most I love doing, or playing volleyball “.